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 Alfurqan Education is a distinguished service offered by a group of religious scholars to promote Holy Quran teaching online. Realizing the need of a majority of Muslims who cannot find nearby Islamic centers to learn Holy Quran mainly in the West (USA, Europe, & Australia),

Alfurqan Education was started to spread Holy Quran teaching online through our experienced Qurra' (Holy Quran reciters). Alfutqan Education is imparted using the rules of Tajweed and a great deal of care is taken that non Arabic spoken Muslims understand the right pronunciation of each word.       Read More....

learn Quran Online

Learn Holy Quran at home is an excellent program that enable kids, adults and new Muslims to Learn Holy Quran.

Alfurqan Education have 24-7 classes. We teach 24 hours a day. You can try three FREE no obligation trial lessons to evaluate our online Holy Quran learning service. After that you can decide to continue or discontinue Holy Quran learning with us. We have both male and female tutors.



Free Trial Classes

You will have free access to Alfurqan Education teaching for a period of 3 days.
At the end of 3 days, Alfurqan Education will provide offer for you to have its services after your kind assent.
You can accept or decline this offer and you are under no obligation to pay or no credit card information will required. The 3 Days Free Trial can be easily accessed after filling up the Registration Form demanding some basic information. This information would be fully secured.






Our Special Courses For Kids

  • Basic Qaida
    This course is particularly beneficial for children trying to learn the Quran for the first time.More

  • Quran Reading With Tajweed
    This is very basic course to learn to read the holy Quran with proper Tajweed rules  .More

  • Quran Memorization
    This is a great miracle of Holy Quran that it can be memorized in the world although its wording is difficult and it is very diffuse.More


Assalamu alaikum
I like this program because it teaches you quran in a beautiful way. not just quran memorizing but reading also. I hope many other people join this website in a passion for learning

Assalaamu allaikum Brothers & Sisters! Alhumdulliah my son is learning Quran from Alfurqan Tutor brother Amjad Ali. Well structured materials and professional interaction,language proficiency of the Islamic tutors its been wonderful experiance to me and my son who is 9 years old. Truly Appreciate the intiative and offering from Alfurqan Education team. May Allah reward you all.

ASSALAMU ALAIKUM!I find very helpful to know and learn the holy quran...... the lesson are taken in a simplified manner and we Muslims are blessed to learn the lines given in Quran........ as we are gifted with Quran we should learn in the way it should be learnt... Alfurqan Education gives us this opportunity.

salam i like this program very much its very great its a nice teaching